Thursday, October 23, 2008

My children's future

SNL skit which is hard to find now:

I have never really been a very politically active person, but I have had a huge wake up call.

With the scary socialist comments from Obama (yes, the things Obama are saying could be quotes from Karl Marx), as well as his belief on foreign policy (International Law is a SCARY thing people and will strip your parental rights no matter how good your state law is concerning homeschooling or other parental rights, International Law supersedes the state law - what AMERICAN would WANT such a thing?!). Whether you home school or not, if you Are a parent, you NEED to know more about how your parental rights WILL be stripped if International Law is accepted in America.

Americans have been greedy and put themselves in this state (see the SNL link above, even liberalists admit it!), yet they look to government to bail them out. And when the government says no, they look to vote someone in who will. Obama accepts the socialist "spread the wealth" belief. Someone who will give them their fair share just because they deserve it. Not because they have worked hard for it.

So why all this? And why now?

Well, Brian and I have made some financial mistakes in the past. This caused us to go deeply into debt when our son JJ ended up in the hospital. We could have taken an easy way out. But we didn't. We worked hard, changed our ways, and are working to get out of debt, build up an ER fund, and provide for our children's futures. We don't want them making the same mistakes we did.

But now, everything is changing. The hard work we have put towards all of this is for not now that the bailout has passed. The value of the dollar is depreciating at a very fast rate. American money has basically become worthless as the government is just printing more and more money. My family is being punished for doing things the right way, while those who would rather take a handout are being rewarded for their greed.

I worry for my children. What kind of future they will have? Saving a dollar for them now that could be worthless in the future, not to mention taken away from them...

I have felt convicted to fight for my children and their futures. While I have been doing that on a spiritual level by praying for their salvation and moral character and future spouses, and on a physical level by praying for their health, and just last year we started on a monetary level by starting to teach them properly about money and saving money for them. I feel that I need to do it on a political level as well.

Praying for a leader who will have my child's interest at heart. Telling others when there is someone who is running for office who DOESN'T have a child's best interest at heart. Telling others when there is someone running for office who does not believe in AMERICA, but in accepting and indoctrinating the law of other countries (even ones - Socialist ones - that America fought against for so long).

I leave with an email I got form my beloved:

Interesting comments - mostly people angry about the blog exposing Obama (who they can't seem to see any wrong with).
Here's one of the ones that points out clearly Obama's harmful policies:

…A baby who survives a botched abortion deserves to die because it was the original intent of the mother. (Obama voted this way THREE DIFFERENT TIMES!)

…Having the money you have worked hard for should be taken away from you and given to those who did not work for it. (Socialism not American)

…American schools should teach curriculum based on the policies of the UN and not the USA.

…American troops should be called back and come home in defeat.

…That the people who made millions of dollars while bankrupting the companies they ran should make economic policies for America.

…That terrorists should be given grants to teach our children

…Raising taxes on the people who provide jobs and services is the right way to stimulate the economy.

…That we should not be energy dependant and that you will be able to pay for a brand new vehicle because gasoline will no longer available in 10 years.

…We should all give up our 401k’s and pay the government to guarantee our retirement pension.

…We should surrender our firearms.

…we should allow agencies such as Acorn to help define the direction that America will take in the next several years.

If you believe these things then you should vote for Obama.

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Deb Burton said...

I think you've about nailed them all. Americans have been voting away their freedoms over the last few decades, and if Obama is voted in we kiss some very precious ones good-bye. Do not count on the Constitution to be able to stand up for itself. It requires its people to do that for it.

We need our government to protect our shores and negotiate certain international trade agreements. We do not need them to run our lives. As an American and a Christian of free will, I bristle at the thought of my free will being taken away from me.