Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Alternative To Wikipedia

I am sure most of you know that Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source. You can learn all about twhy by just googling it. But basically, anyone can put information on the page.

I was listening last night to an Australian comedian. He was flying into the US, and when the inspections heard who he was, they did not believe him. So they had him sit down and looked up his information on Wikipedia! The comedian said that it FALSELY states on Wikipedia that he is related to David Hasselhof. So if the guy asks him a question, is he supposed to tell the truth (no I am not related to him) and risk jail OR is he supposed to lie (and say he is related to him)?

Well a DEAR DEAR friend of mine talked about an alternative on her blog (yes, I am WAY behind in reading my blogs, bad Paula!)


VERY professionally done and it looks really good. While I do not think I would accept it as a reference on a book report (I would DEFINITELY not accept Wikipedia), I do think it is a MUCH better alternative to find information fast, without it being distorted to fit a worldview. It would have a Biblical view. I would STILL want to check facts because there are some people who would twist Scripture to fit their agenda too. But I would search there with my kids to find answers to their questions.

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