Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday's Fun: Games

Here are some fun games to play outside during these last days of warm weather!

Give each child two pieces of paper plates. Define a starting and finishing point. The object is to see who can reach the finish line first using the paper as stepping stones. The child's feet must NEVER touch the ground. Put one plate down, step on it, reach back to grab the other plate and put it down and step on it, etc.

Have a clock (it can be made from a paper plate). The person who is IT has the clock and sets it for a certain time. Then the person who is IT says "I am late I am late for a very important date!" Then the children ask questions: "Is it a time when you eat?" "Is it morning or night?" "Is it a time when you sleep?" They are trying to guess the time. When they guess the correct time, the correct guesser becomes IT and the game begins again.

Each person has a sheet of paper. Using no proper names, see who can write a word for each letter of the alphabet (in order). The first accurately finished list wins!

Have a tray and put items on it (rubber bands, paperclips, pencils, toothbrush, etc.). Cover it with a cloth. When everyone is sitting where they can see the tray, remove the cloth for a specific amount of time (1 minute, 3 minutes, etc.). Place the cloth over the tray and take it away. See who can list the most amount of objects on the tray. Even better, HOW MANY of each item were on the tray.

Put a whole outfit of ADULT SIZED CLOTHING into a suitcase. Have two teams. Each team gets a suitcase. The first player puts on all of the clothing over his own clothing. Then he buttons every button and zips every zipper. Once completed, he takes off everything, puts it back in the suitcase and passes it to the next player. The next player does the same thing and so on until the whole team has put on and taken off every item in the suitcase.

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