Monday, October 6, 2008

Current Web Readings

Toddler Activity Bags
What a GREAT idea!!! Thanks to Like Merchant Ships!!!

Science of Cooking
OH HOW FUN!!! HT: Large Family Mothering

Math Worksheet generator
HT: Large Family Mothering

Help For The Overwhelmed
This was so helpful. I printed out the "checklist" of priorities and plan on using it! I also plan on asking Brian more to help me with what to do, especially when I become overwhelmed. I know that when I am doing what HE has asked of me, and not what I think I need to do or what **I** want to do, then my life is more peaceful. GREAT reminder Crystal! Thanks!!! :D

This post explains exactly as I feel and I hope I live - in a way that glorifies Christ without bringing others down. A good read.

How to Make and Use a Floor Loom
How cool is this!!! OH MAN! I want to do this RIGHT NOW!!! :) What a GREAT winter project though! How fun to sit by a warming fire and do this?!?!

Boredom Buster and Part 2
This is a GREAT idea for long car trips too!!

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