Monday, October 6, 2008

Answered Prayers

This past weekend, it seemed that we kept losing one thing right after another. First, JJ's drink, then a book, then some bill Brian needed, then ... well you get the idea. Everytime I asked the girls for help finding it, the first thing they asked was "Have you prayed yet?" Sadly I had to answer NO each time. The girls and I would pray and sure enough within minutes each item was found! That not answered our prayers to find the lost items, but answered my prayer that the girls would seek the Lord in all things. I will continue to pray that until the day I die.

God answered all of our prayers about Brian and his health. He is healthier than I am!!

JJ is having a VERY difficult time with his environmental allergies. Of course it doesn't help when I forget to give him his medicine. But even though last night he was REALLY BAD, God allowed the medicine to kick in pretty fast and JJ was only up for about three hours last night! And only one of those was him struggling to breathe. I know it sounds odd to give thanks for that, but we are to give thanks in ALL things.

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