Monday, October 27, 2008

Current Web Readings

Learning How To Set The Table
What an adorable and heroic story, perfect for little girls AND boys, about how to remember where to put your knife and fork.

Library Resources For Young Ladies
Good list of books!

Make Your Own Dryer Balls
OK. I love Monica! I wish she were my sister! I will settle for her being a friend. :) And I just LOVE her blog. Normally, when I find a link to something I like, I put the link here with a HT to the source I found the link on, but Monica's blog is just so beautiful, and this post is no different! I LOVE her ideas and her pictures. And how CUTE she wrapped them up as gifts for Christmas. Thank you for sharing Monica!

Cabin Fever and Your Kids
GReat indoor fun things to do with your kids when it is too cold to go outside. :)

Paying Off Debt
Another GREAT post! This is more than just about paying off debt, but changing the way you think about money, wants and needs.

Cornstarch Goo
A tutorial for how to make cornstarch goo and the fun for kids!

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