Monday, October 13, 2008

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Muffin Tin Monday
OMGoodness I LOVE THIS IDEA!! DOn't have the money for a bento box? NO PROBLEM! Use a MUFFIN TIN!! Check out al these creative ways to use muffin tins to make fun fun for the kids (hey, for Mom too! This looks fun to ME)! :D

Build A Bear Muffin Tin
This is a GREAT rainy day activity!!

Newspaper Hats
These are not your typical newspaper hats. THESE ARE SO CUTE AND GIRLY!!!

Pie In A Jar

Magnifying Glass Art
Oh I am gonna HAVE to try this next summer!!

Knitting Nancy
This is a GREAT project to help a child who wants to knit, but can't.

Mini Caramel Apples
What a GREAT idea for a Harvest Party (or even Thanksgiving party).

Zipploc Baggie Ice Cream
This is just TOO FUN! I can see this becoming a monthly thing during the summer, and then when the kids have kids of their own, passing it onto their kiddos with fond memories. Now I just need to see if it can be done vegan. :)

Folding Cube
This is a GREAT idea for gifts! HT: Chasing Cheerios

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