Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Love Notes

A friend of mine posted about how she writes her children love notes. She said her kids LOVE them and it always encourages them and is a great way to tie heart strings with your kids.

I had the best intentions to do this with my kids, but always kept forgetting. Well a few nights ago, after a day where they kids were incredibly wonderfully sweet in spirit, I made SURE to write them each a letter. Since we have been trying lately to focus on the heart, I made sure to praise their sweet spirits.

I put all three notes on the floor so the girls would be sure to see them when they woke up. It was SO GREAT to wake up to giggles in the girl's room as I heard AA read everyone's letter to them. It really encouraged each of the girl's.

I am not sure that writing notes to the girls is something I will do every night. I don't want it to become something that they expect. But I definitely will be writing notes more frequently!

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