Monday, September 29, 2008

CUTE Vintage Sewing Cards FREE to download and FIREPROOF THE MOVIE

Vintage Sewing Cards and there are even vintage paper doll outfits you can print out too. WAY CUTE!!!

Now onto the weekend. YES! We got to see Fireproof this weekend! It was so funny because I was so scared we would NOT get tickets (I anticipated it being sold out). When my girlfriend and I got there, 30 minutes before the show, we had sent the husbands in ahead of us to obtain seats, I asked how crowded it was.

The guy laughed and said there were only two other people in there right now. My girlfriend laughed and said "those are our husbands." Thankfully as show time approached the theater filled out. There were empty seats, but only the "bad" seats. Almost every good seat was filled!

I was SO HAPPY we were able to support the movie on opening weekend. And hope you were too, but if you were not, there is still time to support the movie!! I will warn you BRING TISSUES! I had no tissues and I cried through the whole movie. (of course I cry at Hallmark commercials, but better safe than sorry - BRING TISSUES!) If you have seen the movie, let me know! If you go to see the movie LET ME KNOW!! I want to hear from you!!! :D

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