Friday, September 12, 2008

Family Fun: Soapy Fun

My beloved is the best and bought me a recent copy of Mary Jane's newest book Outpost. I LOVE IT!! :)

There is a SUPER cute idea in there for guest soap for the bathroom.

Take a bar of soap and cut it into squares Take a cute fabric and tear it into strips. Tie each strip around each piece of soap. Place tied squares into a decorative dish or basket for guests to use.

This is something easy that the kids can help with. And imagine their joy when grandma uses the soap THEY tied and decorated!!

(Picture from Mary Jane's book - if you think THIS picture is cute, wait till you see her book!)

WELL, here is a video showing how to FELT all those little pieces of soap. This is a GREAT idea for using up little bits of leftover soap, or new soap. OR, cut up it up and felt it and place in a decorative dish or basket for your guests to use. Be sure to watch the end of the video. There is a CUTE idea for a girls party!! And what a great family fun project! Each girl can make their own felted soap (no more arguing over bars of soap in the tub! :)

Something else that is GREAT fun to do (which I **THINK** I have shared before, but I blab so much I have no idea if I have or not) for those who make their own soap...

Take your soap shavings before they are hardened (when you are shaping the soap) and put them all into one of those buckets you can get from the bakery (that they keep icing in). Then, have the girls reach in every so often to grab shavings and make their own shapes of soap! This is also great fun to do at birthday parties (ask me how I know!). Or for rainy days. My daughter made the letters L O V and E so I have a little soap dish filled with love from my daughter. :)

And if you do not make your own soap, maybe you know somebody who does who can give you their left overs! :)

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Anonymous said...

Yes, we just bought a beautiful rag-wrapped soap from the local dairy. Soooo pretty--I really just bought it because of how pretty it was.