Monday, September 1, 2008

Current Web Readings

A Change Of Mind
A good reminder on how to be JOYFUL as a mother (of one or of many). WONDERFUL must read post!

Free Crochet Patterns
Fond this on Ravelry (Rebecca are you signed up for this yet?) Anyways, a VERY popular pattern for the socks (scroll down once on the page) brought me to this page, but she has this cute little collection of patterns for beginning kids!! Just scroll down to the almost bottom. :) FUN FUN FUN!

The Children's Hour
This is a list of books that are highly recommended by a highly respected preacher. I have been very pleased with all the recommendations I have seen so far, and really enjoyed his other blog.

Ugly-Beautiful and the Follow-up with pictures
How to take the ugly and se the beautiful. A wonderful post. I really liked the follow-ups with pictures. GREAT examples!!!

ABC Fabric Magnets
Oh it does not get ANY cuter than this!! What a GREAT way to use up your stash! These would make AWESOME Christmas gifts for young ones and would be pretty quick and easy to make! :) LOVE these!!!

Planner From Old Book
Check out this ADORABLE planner made from an old French Lesson book!!!

No Knead Dutch Oven Bread
Oh how I LOVE my cast iron!! I MUST try this!!

Sally Stitch
These are GREAT! Vintage sewing cartoons!!! HT: My Half Of The Brain

Chalkboard Placemat Tutorial
This is PURE GENIUS!! What a GREAT thing to make and take when you are going out to eat! I know what I want for Christmas!! 5 of these!! LOL!!!

Sponge Balls
What a GREAT alternative to water balloons! AND reuseable (the balloons aren't).


sunnie_fairy said...

great finds! :]

Amanda @ said...

Hi Paula! Thanks for the comment (and nice compliment--it really made my morning!) at Kiddio. It's funny...I love Sew Liberated, but somehow missed that great post. What a resource! Thank you for passing it along :) Also nice to see someone from Colorado...

take care!

Amanda @