Tuesday, September 30, 2008

License to Live

Does anyone on here remember that show Full House? That cute little girl who was the oldest sister? I recently saw an interview with her (video at the end of this post) and I was struck by something she said.

"What I realized was that because I had led such a good life and a moral life I did not see my need for God. I thought I was doing it very well on my own. And it wasn't until I was shown the ten commandments, and through the mirror of the 10 commandments reflected the sin in my heart. I thought I was so good because I wasn't doing drugs or an alcoholic so I thought the little sin that I was doing in my life wasn't anything compared to the big sin that other people were doing. And that I was using God's forgiveness as a license to live my life the way I wanted to. And when I saw the filth in my own heart and realized that God holds a higher moral standard than the word does, I saw my need for Him. I saw my need for Christ. And it was at that point through the gratitude of what Christ did on the cross for me, did I want to live a life that was pleasing for HIm. I wanted to walk the walk and live my life everyday for Him." - Candace Cameron Bure (bold mine)

What struck me was that this could be my children. I am raising my children in a Christian home. It can be very easy for them to think that because they are forgiven in Christ, they can live a life they way they want to. Without seeing a true NEED for Him. Without living FOR Him. VERY convicting even for myself. I know myself and I know there are times when I quench the Spirit and continue to do things (like blog or scrap) when I feel led to do something else. I too need to make sure that I acknowledge MY need for Him.

The rest of the interview is really good and I encourage you to watch it. What a wonderful testimony of how a husband can be won without words.

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