Monday, September 8, 2008

Current Web Readings

Gospel Quiet Book
This can easily be adapted for a Christian or even Jewish quiet book!

More Quiet Book Links
These are such a great idea for the younger ones to keep them busy in church or even the ride to the car. Not only that, you are teaching your children about God.

Indiana Jones Birthday Cake
So beloved (and I admit I am too) is a HUGE Indiana Jones fan. I even bought him Indiana JOnes pop tarts for his birthday! LOL!! I am SOOOO gonna have to make this cake for him next year for his birthday!

Doing Things Isn't Enough
A WONDERFUL read for those who feel they have to do. A quote from the article:
I propose that we are absolutely guaranteed to waste our lives if we live solely with the goal of accomplishing things. Yep, you read that right. If you learn Chinese before the age of twenty, move to China by age twenty-one, and become a full-time missionary in record time, what of it? Why would that matter at all? If you learn how to cook gourmet dinners with whole foods, graduate from with honors and start your own business, what would you have accomplished?

The accomplishments themselves are empty. They’re useless, and what’s more—they’re a waste of time and energy. That is, unless those actions are propelled forward by something deeper.

Bowl of Berries
Oh these cookies look so YUMMO!!! Gotta check it out!

Ribbon Hair Clips
These are so simple that it would be SO FUN to have kids make these at a birthday party as take home favors!

Hollyhock Doll Tutorial
The best I have seen yet!! THANK YOU FOR THIS!!

Dandelion Daisy Chain Tutorial
WONDERFULLY DONE!! This looks like so much fun!

As We Walk
Walking in faith and home schooling. I am so loving this blog!

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