Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I was listening to an Dr. S.M. Davis sermon (which one I cannot remember, I was half asleep when I heard it) and he mentioned respect.

He said that the reason we don't wear shorts to church is out of respect for others and respect for God. The reason to dress your children in nice clothes is out of respect for others and respect for each other and for the parents.

And I started to think about it. Is what I am wearing showing respect for my beloved? A lot of times I dress in clothes that are very VERY comfortable (i.e. way too large for me). So I asked Brian about it. He said that while he does want me to be comfortable, he really likes to see me in clothes that are form fitting. Not tight and "wow look at me." But clothes that are baggy are frumpy looking. And clothes that are a little more form fitting are just plain nicer. He feels respected when I wear nicer clothes like that.

He had never really thought about feeling respected by the clothes I wear before until after I mentioned it to him.

So we went through my closet and I got rid of most all my baggy clothes. I still have my box of maternity clothes. And I have a few not so baggy, but not form fitting and nice clothes for camping. It feels so good to have much less clothes cluttering up the closet (the dirty laundry room) and my mind (I have NOTHING to wear)! LOL!! Secondly, it feels so good to know that when I do grab something out of the closet to put on, it is something that will please my beloved and make him feel respected.

Now onto the children and THEIR closets!!! :D


Anonymous said...

I did this a few years ago. Then, packing for vacation a few weeks ago I realized I didn't have one pair of comfy shorts to wear to the beach. Lol. I think there's a time and place for everything. I often do a little sprucing just before hubby gets home.

Paula said...

Yes, I thought about that as we really like to go camping. So I made sure to get rid of MOST, and keep a few extra comfy shirts, shorts and sweatshirts for camping. :) But those are all in a put away drawer just for camping (or a trip to the beach, you are SO LUCKY!!!). That way I have them, but they are not a part of my every day wardrobe.

I used to spruce up before beloved came home, but now he works from home, so he is always popping out to say hi or grab a bite to eat. Always seeing me. :) And the kids. :)

I am so glad you popped by my blog! I REALLY enjoyed your blog (and am STILL looking through it)!!! :D :D :D