Thursday, July 17, 2008

We were robbed three nights ago

True, it was only two CamelBack packs (together worth over $90). But I still feel violated. Worst of all, those backpacks were kept in the garage just three feet away from the door to our house, which was unlocked. If the police had not happen to be driving by, I wonder if they would have stayed in there longer and taken more. OR WORSE, they would have come inside. :(

Thankfully I had read about how Meredith's purse was stolen out of her car months ago and so I began taking mine out of the car when I went in the house. I used to leave it in the car (I meant the car WAS in the garage so it was safe inside the car, right?) Then two weeks ago, our neighbor's car was broken into in the middle of the day and her purse was stolen right out of the backseat. WE LIVE IN A REALLY GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD on a GOOD SIDE OF TOWN!

So a few nights ago, the cops were called to a nearby house when a neighbor called and said there was someone in the garage across the street. So the cops were just driving around looking to see who else had left their garage doors open. Sadly, the girls had opened the garage door and forgot to close it. The cops called us at 3:23AM and my beloved and I walked downstairs and outside to two cop cars, lights flashing, right outside our garage.

We did not realize anything was missing at first. Of course, even though the car was unlocked, I ran inside to check and make sure my purse was indeed brought in. I went into the house through the garage and unlocked door into the house. Of course the cops commented that we need to make sure to lock that door.

Now I lock the door from the house to the garage. And I make sure to always bring in my purse instead of leaving it in the car like I used to.

It wasn't until a few days later (yesterday) that the girls wanted to go on a hike and I reached for the CamelBacks and they were gone. Our garage is such a mess, I have no idea if they stole anything else. But I do know they did not steal any other BIG items (my husband's camera had been left in the garage just under the CamelBacks).

I just hope that this keeps someone else from making the same mistake. SO THANKFUL that they did not come in the house. SOOOOO thankful!

Brian prayed for the people who stole from us. He prayed a blessing upon them. I felt like Corrie Ten Boom when her sister prayed to thank God for the bed bugs. Of course God used those bed bugs for His glory. Corrie and her sister were able to share Jesus with several people in the concentration camp AND hold Bible studies because the overseers refused to come into the room because of the bugs. I know that Corrie did not realize that was God's provision at the time, and of course regretted not thanking God earlier.

So I prayed that God would use this for His glory. I thanked God for protecting us (they were SO CLOSE to coming into the house, if they wanted to, they could have, who knows, maybe for kicks they just opened the door and peeked in). We don't have our CamelBacks back, and never will. We can't afford new ones. At least not at this time. But if something had happened to the children... I am just thankful that all this happened in the way that it did. For now we lock the door and take more precautions. And our children are safe.

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