Monday, July 21, 2008

CIJ: Christmas in July - Newsletter

Seems that Christmas is always here before I am ready. And I wonder how things got SO RUSHED again. I bring out all the books about simplifying Christmas RIGHT after Thanksgiving. But the stores are already filled with Christmas and once again, I get sucked in. The hustle and the bustle keep me from getting presents out on time (even though I had them all bought months before). And most importantly keep me from getting a newsletter done! ARGH!


This week I am making it Christmas in July. I am going to get things done that need to get done in order to make the season a simpler one. One where I am able to focus my AND my family's attention on the reason for the season.

And it starts with the newsletter. Not only am I MAKING the newsletter, but I will be SENDING IT OUT too. Yes, a bit early, BUT it will be a nice catch up for everyone. AND, considering that no one is rushing about this time of year, they will have time to sit and ENJOY the newsletter! :)
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Names have been changed to protect privacy.
Template can be found here. It is 8.5x11 PERFECT for printing!

Yes, I have gotten comments on where is MY picture. I am the one usually TAKING the photos, the one behind the camera. :) And the template only had five bottom pictures (and yes, that IS an excuse). ;)

I like this so much that we might make this an annual tradition of sending newsletters in July rather than December! :D Any thoughts??

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Meredith said...

Paula, that is GORGEOUS!

With the new baby arriving late October, I'm planning a combination birth announcement/Thanksgiving greeting for November.