Thursday, July 24, 2008


My MIL makes the BEST treats and brings them out from the day after Thanksgiving all the way through New Year's. I don't know HOW she does it, but BOY I LOVE spending the holiday's at her house.

I always have the best of intentions to do the same, as it is important and meaningful to my beloved. But time always gets away from me. Partly because the kids cannot eat most of the treats (because of dietary restriction). Yes, I am lazy enough to use that as an excuse. :( BUT NOT LAZY ENOUGH TO DO CIJ! :D

I am going to gather up a few recipes. Some for the kids and some for the adults. That way I have them ALL READY when the time comes to make them. I am also going to write out an ingredients list to take with me. HOPEFULLY, with my stockpiling, I will have most if not ALL of the ingredients! :)

Beloved really enjoys giving goodie baskets to the neighbors, so I will be sure to make that happen this year (especially since I am planning SO EARLY!). :) This will allow me to find baskets at garage sales (MUCH cheaper than thrift stores) as well as pretty linens to line them! :) It feels good to know that my beloved will be pleased we were able to give baskets instead of being silently disappointed that another year went by that we didn't do goodie gift baskets.

I am also going to make a menu up so that way I am not rushed the week before Christmas. :)

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