Friday, July 25, 2008

CIJ: The Presents

I have always been good and gotten my presents WAY ahead of time. There have a few RARE times where this was not the case, but being a frugal mom, you learn that if you do not doing your shopping throughout the year, you end up overspending. Sometimes I overspend because you are trying to compensate for the fact that it is so late in the holiday season before I am thinking of the person I am shopping for, and part of the reason I overspend is because I have no idea what to get the person (which is why it is taking so long to get their gift).

But as I said, I almost ALWAYS have presents before Christmas, and most always before the end of October. My biggest problem is in getting them wrapped and sent out on time.

So for the rest of the month, I will be getting presents wrapped and sorted out. Especially the gifts for the kids. All the girls have the same interests and don't mind their gifts being from garage sales (I HAVE THE BEST KIDS!). So I buy and buy and wait until the night before Christmas to sort out. Not this year. This year I am wrapping ALL gifts before hand. Stocking stuffers will be sorted out so I will know if I need more DAYS before and night the night before Christmas. And all the gifts will be ready to be packed in the car and brought over for Christmas (instead of shipped out, we are driving down early this year and will be brining the gifts with us)! WOOHOO!

All in all, I have really enjoyed CIJ and think I will do this yearly. I know it has helped me be more prepared for Christmas this year than in years past.

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