Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gardening: Composting

I am really wanting to have our own compost pile going. I want a wooden one with wooden slats. Like the one in this video.

In the book All New Square Foot Gardening (if you have the old version, or the old version discouraged you, get the NEW version, SO MUCH EASIER!), he teaches you how to make your own compost pile. In fact, he teaches you how to make your own soil! :) Composting making up 1/3 of that, as well as being a topdressing throughout the growing season.

When composting, you want to use what is considered green organic material (like your fruit and veggie peelings,fresh grass clipping, green leaves, etc.) and brown organic material (dried grass clippings, twigs, coffee grounds, straw, newspaper, etc.). You want this to be a 1 part greens to 2 parts brown.

This video (below) while annoying to parents, is a GREAT introduction to the kids (who will not stop singing about composting) about composting!

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