Thursday, July 10, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking

Oh how I love love LOVE digital scrapbooking! You can see lots of info about it by clicking the Digital Scrapbooking link under this post.

For those of you who want to advance and become a better scrapper, there is a WONDERFUL site called Digital Scrapbook Artisan Guild. A friend of mine, a true Christian, started up the site and WOW! You really don't want to miss it.

You do not have to become a member to access the awesome tutorials as well as just look around.

But if you want more bang for your buck, join the Guild. It is a paid membership, but what you get with the membership is worth SO MUCH MORE than just under $6 a month you pay for it. I cancelled my subscription to the digital scrapbook magazine because I get so much MORE for my money with the guild membership.

The kits are awesome, but I must admit that my favorite, and what I cannot find anywhere else, is the Artisan Notebook. This magazine is JAM PACKED with more information than you would get in a $30 class from most places! AND there are challenges to help you put into practice what you are learning. Try to get that from another magazine! :) PLUS there is usually a freebie download (sometimes TWO). :)

Head over now and sign up at least to look around. That is free. (Use my username lvg4him). But I do hope that you will see the value in what is being offered at Digital Scrapbook Artisan Guild.

Here is a layout I made with last months kit:
Click for larger image and credits.

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