Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CIJ: Thanksgiving

SO yeah, I am throwing in Thanksgiving here. Why? Because for of all, Christmas in July sounds so much better than Thanksgiving in July. And secondly, because it seems that Thanksgiving gets rushed through just as much if not MORESO than Christmas. Of course come Thanksgiving time, I will share links with games and tradition and such.

But for NOW.....

this link from Family Life Today has some GREAT resources, including articles to read, recipes, and audios. But the cool thing is I got the Time To Remember Audio Book at a garage sale a few weeks back! This is TWO CD's: one is a dramatized version of why we celebrate Thanksgiving, and the other is hymns for Thanksgiving. Today, I am putting it onto the computer so we can listen to it around and on Thanksgiving!

We also found The Legend of Squanto by Focus on the Family. I LOVE FOTF's Radio Broadcast dramatizations! And this one does NOT disappoint. It has been GREAT to use with our history (we are reading The Light and the Glory right now). But I want to make sure we have this one on our computer as well to listen to as we get closer to Thanksgiving.

Check and check! :) Ready for the children to have some good LISTENING time (away from the TV and computer and all that) as well as learn why we truly should and do celebrate Thanksgiving. Plus it will be nice to have some THANKSGIVING music/stories, not just CHRISTMAS music, to help us focus on being thankful while we do all that cooking! :)

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