Friday, July 4, 2008

Being Good Steward Saves You Money On TRASH!

I just got our newest bill for trash service. It went up $2 a month. Understandable as the price of fuel is going up. I noticed that I am paying for two cans and two bags of trash to be picked up.

At the time we signed up for the trash service, I was going through a LOT of trash. But as we have become better stewards (use it up, make it do, etc.), as well as more cooking for scratch. I have a LOT less trash. And once we start composting, we will have even less trash.

So I called just to make sure that the rising cost was fuel related. It was. I then asked if there was a cheaper plan I could get on. She mentioned that they do have a 1 can trash pick up and asked my address.

She then laughed and said that I was getting such a great discount that if I were to switch to the 1 can, I would actually be paying MORE! :) Well THAT made me feel GOOD! It pays to be a loyal customer!

But for those of you shopping around for a trash service, or think you might be able to get away with just a trash can instead of two, you might try asking your trash company if there is a cheaper plan for you!

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