Thursday, July 17, 2008

Teaching Children To Serve

I really do believe that serving begins at home serving each other. I think it is hypocritical to serve others and not serve your own family.

I have worked really hard to teach my children to be servants. That serving is a GOOD thing. I want them to believe that before the world view of serving is low and demeaning gets to them. It is fun to watch my girls serve others who come to visit. Getting them drinks, covering them with blankets (they will SMOOTHER you with blankets if you don't say stop), and getting them any other things they want or need.

But I must admit that my heart is most blessed when I see my children serving each other. Giving up their own bed for a sister who is throwing up. Making the couch comfortable for a sister who is ill. Reading a book to your brother. MM (5yr) loves to do acts of service and then tell me that she is a servant. I LOVE IT!

Today my heart is overflowing with joy and blessing. EE (6yr) got a cut on her finger. While I was bandaging the finger, JJ (26 months old) went into the freezer, grabbed the ice pack (we have several children's ice packs in the fridge), and brought one to EE, who was sitting, crying on the stairs. No one asked or told him to. He was just serving his sister.

I have prayed that each of my children would learn what it means to be a servant for Christ. By prayer and example (mine and each others) my children are in training to be servants to the Most High! :) And while they have their fighting moments, it is moments like this that fill my heart so full of joy that I think it will burst! I am so blessed and so thankful. So very very thankful.

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