Monday, July 28, 2008

PLEASE Read This...

Today we went to the zoo and right near the otters, where it is easy for the parents to become preoccupied watching a cute otter play with a stick, there was a strange young man (20-30) who was eyeing my girls. When my girls went over into the cave next to the otters, he bent down to go inside with them. THERE IS NO REASON FOR AN ADULT to go into that small kids cave. Right before he was about to go in, he looked around to see if anyone was watching. **I** was watching. I called my kids out and we left the area, but he followed us. We went into the hut (where the new Rocky Mountain Exhibit is). He waited outside, and I stayed INSIDE WITH THE KIDS until he was got bored waiting and left. I mentioned to one of the staff about the incident. They asked me a few more questions and then broadcasted it to the other employees over the walkie-talkies to be on the lookout for a man following the description I gave them.

They then gave me the zoo phone number to put into my cell phone so I can call them (they said to press 0 to get to the operator right away) if I saw him again (or for future visits if something similar happened).

I am kicking myself that I had my camera and did not take a picture of the creep! I did not even THINK about it! And the zoo staff did not even ask (they didn't think about it either).

Just a warning to keep an eye on your kids when you go anywhere. It is a good idea to put the main number to the park in your cell phone just in case there is a creep who is eyeing your children. Take a picture of him with your camera (your cell phone if you have to), in order to help identify the creep. (Still kicking myself for not thinking to a picture).

Better safe than sorry (but don’t be paranoid)!!

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