Thursday, July 3, 2008

Finances: Update on June

OH last month was HORRIBLE! We got back into a bad habit of spending on the credit card and spent way more than we should have. Not only that, but we were driving by the bank and grabbing cash for garage sales. YIKES!

We also got out of the habit of talking at least MONTHLY together about our finances, how things are going, if anything needs to be changed, etc. That was really bad, and we both really missed it the past few months (which is prolly how we ended up failing MISERABLY during the month of June).

And I am sure part of it was due to JJ and testing and his throwing up getting really really sick and all the worrying about him. I know that sadly, we let that allow us to get off track.

But now we are back on track and it feels so GOOD! I was able to put money into our emergency fund again! I am looking for ways to save money. And am finding more and more ways where I thought there were none before.

I will admit that I still need to remember that once a cash envelope is empty, it is EMPTY and I cannot just goto the bank and refill it. That is NOT a good example to the girls.

Speaking of the girls, AA is saving up with a goal in mind. She saw a book that she really wanted and felt that it was worth the $7.50 (with tax) it would cost for the book. So she has been doing extra services (we no longer call them chores, because we are acting in service to one another and to God by doing our part in keeping the house clean) in order to earn extra money. It is wonderful to see her learning the value of money.

We will be out and she will see something she wants, and ask me to buy it. I will say sure, you have money. It always makes her think about whether or not she REALLY wants it. It is so funny to hear her say "Two Dollars!! I can get a lot more for $2 at the dollar store!" LOL!!! It is also, prayerfully, establishing a habit of NOT always getting what you want. I know I have that bad habit and it has cost our family a lot of money. I don't want that habit to develop in my children.

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