Monday, July 14, 2008

Going No-Poo

Sounds funny, I know. I am such a kid. I smirk every time I hear that term. And yet, I have seen the benefit of going no-poo. Well, at least pooing a lot less.

SO what in the world am I talking about??

Shampooing your hair. Or I guess I should say NOT shampooing your hair. I have gone to shampooing VERY little and while your hair does have this ... phase it goes through, once you get through the phase, it is like the other side of the rainbow!! My hair is looking and feeling so GREAT!

I recently read in Aromatherapy by Valerie Cooksley, that a strong rosemary infusion can cover gray hair in brown/dark hair. WOOHOO! I can hardly wait to see the results. I will let you know.

I just did my first vinegar rinse and my hair feels so nice! I used apple cider vinegar as that is best for the hair, but it does smell strong. I read that adding a few drops of essential oil will help with that. It is VERY faint smell of vinegar. Next time I will remember to add the essential oil drops. :)

And to end, a quote from Rosemary Gladstar's Family Herbal (a MUST read):
Have you ever noticed how few people over 50 have shinny, healthy hair...? There are not many of them. Though it may be part of the natural aging process to lose some of your crowning glory, it is not a natural process for it to lose it's gleam and glow. What we often see if hair that hasn't weathered well. This lack of life is almost always due not to aging but to unhealthy practices of overwashing, blow-drying, and using chemical products such as sprays, perms and gels.
This is followed by some really good recipes for healthy herbal hair care. I have one of her vinegar hair rinses going right now. AA and I made it, and now we are just waiting for it to ... stew, I guess (for lack of a better word). She is so excited, and it was neat seeing her hands on with herbs and learning what was what wand what it is good for. :)

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Carrie said...

i haven't used shampoo for maybe 6 months now and my hair is much healthier. i rinse it every other day and use conditioner. i stopped using poo after i read a book about how to care for curly hair and learned shampoo is very harsh on hair, especially curly hair!