Monday, July 28, 2008

TWO wonderful sites to see

As I wrote that title, I realized that it can be taken two ways. Site, as in web site (which is what this post started out to be), or site as in some wonderful spot in nature, creation of God.

I was recently looking back over pictures of our trip to the Grand Canyon. I am awestruck every time we go there. Gods hand and majesty can be seen at every step and around every corner. But I must admit, that there is something about the canyon at sunset that really leaves you breathless and truly in awe of God. It truly IS a site to see!

And then there is the whole state of Colorado. With the beautiful mountains and the gorgeous wildflowers and lakes and ... OH, that too is a wonderful site to see.

I think it is sad that we can trivialize something as awesome as God's creation by saying that something as simple as a web site is something to see. I was totally convicted as I wrote out the title, that I have been spending too much time on web sites and not enough time on God's sites. I have been wanting for a couple of years now to goto the local garden and take pictures of the girls (now CHILDREN because we have our boy JJ). But it seems that something is always getting in the way. No more. I am going to call and set up a time to take the girls...ugh, still after 2 years I forget to say CHILDREN...and get some pictures of them.

And depending on beloved's back (which the doctor said was healing, thank you for your prayers and please continue them as she said he still has about 4-6 more months of healing), we might try to get some camping in too.

What about you? What are some God sites that you love to see? Have you been spending too much time on other sites? Can you make a time to go and see some local God sites soon??

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