Friday, August 22, 2008

NSM: Update

Well, I made about 40 bucks on a rainy day garage sale (I cannot believe anyone showed up. but I guess when you are desperate for curriculum from homeschooling, you will go out in the pouring rain).

$25 went immediately to getting JJ just some of his speciality foods.

I went and grabbed a small handful of cash to get us through the rest of the month, and hopefully this did it:

$10 shipping to ship off books for PapberBack Swap. What is great is that some of those packages had two books, so I am actually gonna get 10 credits for books! That is about $1 a book!!! SO MUCH CHEAPER than anything else out there (except for garage sales which are really hit and miss with finding the books I TRULY want). If you have not signed up for PapberBack Swap yet, I highly encourage you to do so!!

$35 produce/fruit at farmer's market - this will last us the rest of the month :) (That included $8 for enough of the most delicious organic peaches, enough to make two VERY filled pies!)

$25 for more of JJ's speciality foods.

I also grabbed money for the glasses we will be needing to buy AA tomorrow. :(

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Jen said...

I am excited, my husband and I are heading out to the farmers markets today. I'm hoping to get a lot of peaches, I'd like to can them. Thanks for entering the give a way. Who knows you maybe the only one and will win both!! :-)