Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Current Web Readings

How To Make Butter With Kids 
so FUN!!! WONDERFUL thing to do while reading the Little House on the Prairie books! I know in ONE of them it talks about making butter. :)

How To Make a One Pot Herb Garden
I LOVE this idea!!! :)

The Family Together In God's Presence
A really good and convicting read.

Creating Closet Bliss
I really like this way of cleaning out the closet! HT: Small Notebook

Grocery Shopping In Simplicity

Homeschooling - less is more
OH THIS IS THE PERFECT POST for EVERY homeschooling mom to read. ESPECIALLY those who are just about to begin homeschooling.

Cooking Clubs
My mom used to do something similar when I was a child. Only they would meet to EAT and not cook for each other. LOL!! I love this idea, but with JJ's health issues, something like this would only be an option with other moms of kids with terrible food allergies.

Blogs For Homeschool Dads
GREAT list of links for blogs for dads to read by a well trusted blogging Momma.

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