Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cleaning Plan

OH I LOVE THIS!! I just found a list of decluttering/cleaning by month. She took her home, divided it into twelve zones, and spent a whole month in each zone. Each zone gets a thorough decluttering, cleaning and sprucing up (paint and the like).

I LOVE this idea!!!

Since August is a pretty busy month for us, I will start in September. I will admit I am kind of sad I did not see this and start in the NEW year, so that by Christmas my house will be all nice and done.

Thankfully because beloved requested it, we have done a lot of decluttering. Over 1/4 of our stuff went into the garage for the garage sale (which will have to wait until this weekend because last weekend it poured rain!). But I still like the idea of being able to do paint touch ups and the like.

AND once it is clean, it will stay clean. OH how I want that to happen so desperately. And I believe it can once the clutter is gone. It is amazing how much time I spend cleaning clutter!

September --- laundry room/coat and cleaning closets

October --- main gathering room

November --- dining room/main bathroom (get this done BEFORE Thanksgiving)

December --- guest room/guest bathroom

January --- kid's bathroom

February --- living room

March --- library/basement

April --- garage

May --- Boy's room

June --- Girl's room

July --- kitchen

August --- master bedroom and bath

I put the rooms and kitchen in warmer months in case we paint we can open windows

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