Friday, August 1, 2008

Answered Prayer

I becomes to easy to forget when God answers a prayer. Even the smallest of ones. ESPECIALLY the smallest of ones.

So I am starting a new label. Everytime God answers a prayer, I am going to blog about it, no matter how small or meanial it may seem. That way I can look back on my blog and see all the times God answered my prayers.

Of course God has answered several more before this, including sparing the life of our son. But I will just start with today. Today God answered two prayers.

The first prayer God answered is one that I had prayed a lot in the past, but had forgotten to until recently. I started praying again a few days ago for God to cause my beloved to be praised in the gates. He does not get a lot of praise from co-workers. It is something he really needs. Well not only did a co-worker praise him BUT praised him before others in the company! It was an overabundant answer to prayer! I am so thankful to God for answering my prayer above what I asked for!!!

The second one may seem small, but yesterday there were no discounted bananas. I am in charge of bringing a fruit salad for several ladies at the Homeschool Fair tomorrow and needed bananas. So I prayed that God would provide some discounted bananas today (as the rest of the fruit had been donated by other members in the group). Sure enough, there were four bunches of discounted bananas when I went in tonight! Praise God!!! I am so thankful!!!

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Rachel said...

I like this idea, and it is so important to write answered prayers down, because our minds tend to forget so easily.