Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday's Fun: Enjoying Raw Cookie Dough

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Want to know how I made the layout? There is a wonderful tutorial in the newest issue of
The Artisan Notebook

This was about 6 months after JJ was released from the hospital. It was so good seeing him eat so well and so happily! 

I know that my girls love not only helping in the kitchen, but licking the spatula, scraping the bowl (not with their hands like JJ is in the picture - too CUTE!) with spoons and the like. Sometimes it is easy to be the adult and forget the fun I had as kid licking the spatula. So tonight we make cookies (gluten free and egg free) and everyone enjoys being a kid (me too!) :) Who knows, maybe we will add some small raw cookie cough balls to the ice cream! There is a benefit to so many allergies you know, no raw egg!! :)

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