Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I am really needing some points at Paperback Swap so I can get me some more free books. SO, what I have seen others do in the same situation is have a contest! WHAT ELSE?!?!?!


Just goto Paperback Swap and take a look around at what books are available! Some books you might want, but might not be available because everyone wants them. :) SO look around and find one that is available.

Come back here and post the title of the book in the comments section. I will draw a winner one week from today, next Tuesday. This post will stay at the top until the drawing.

And if you do like what you see, please do consider joining PaperBack Swap. It has been a WONDERFUL way for our family to declutter books that we no longer want (or will never read) and get books FOR FREE that we want and will use! :)I have saved over $160!

Even if you were to get a book you wanted for one cent on someplace like half.com or amazon.com, you would have to pay $3.75+ for shipping. With Paperback Swap, if you were to ship one of your books (or even just buy a book credit), you would pay less than $3!! I have never paid more than $3 to ship one of my books (shipping your book gets you one credit). Each book credit gets you one free book. AND WHEN YOU JOIN AND POST 10 BOOKS you get 2 FREE BOOKS just for posting your ten! Then, if each of your books is shipped and received, that is a possibility of TWELVE FREE BOOKS!!

I do hope you will look around and post a book in the comments section. Maybe you are learning about weather. Search for weather and find a book you think your kids would like. Maybe you have a favorite author, or a homeschool book (like Home Grown Kids) that you have been wanting. This is your chance to get a book of YOUR CHOOSING for FREE!!!


Z said...

I'd love to win this - http://www.paperbackswap.com/book/details/9780140309133-Pippi+Goes+Aboard+Puffin+Books

Thanks so much for a chance :)

CLComstock said...

I am in the process of moving so I don't have any books to think about submitting but I am going to post your link with what looks like your affiliate link on my blog where I review children's books.
I am excited to find such a program though, I may take a better look after we move - less than 3 weeks! Aaaahhhhhh!

Shari said...

I am trying to post this again, as it seems it may not have worked the first time!?

I vistited Paperback swap for the first time! It seems very interesting! I would love to have "When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit" as I can't find it anywhere!
Thanks-great blog!

Renae said...

I'm enjoying all of your links. Thanks for pointing out such great ideas!

And I like PaperbackSwap, too. I've gotten so many wonderful books for school there. If you look in the bazaar, you can often find members offering deals. Then it gets really fun. :)`