Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bless The Lord

Am I the only one who has questioned what it means to bless the Lord? I am in the book of Psalms and over and over again it tells us to bless the name of the Lord. I always thought it was the Lord who blessed US.

So I am thinking about it and I get this picture of my kids doing something that really blesses me. And I have to think is it the same thing? Are there things that I do here that blesses God. It is hard to believe that the sinner that I am can do anything that would bless God.

But my kids are little sinners too, are they not? :) And yet, there are still things they do and say that really blesses me and makes my heart overflow with joy. Cannot I then do the same to my heavenly Father?

Just thinking about things I can do and say that will bless Him in my life.

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