Monday, August 25, 2008

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Add Grace To Your Budget
I can TOTALLY attest to this! We had no "blow money, as Dave Ramsey calls it, and boy did we stink the first month of our budget. Then we gave ourselves some blow money, and had a much easier time sticking to the budget. Now we not only have blow money, but money we set aside every month in a non-ER fund. This account is for things like needing new tires, going on vacation, great find on a big money need (like a couch), etc.). That was it is like a PRE-ER fund, and can be gotten into for things that are not TRULY emergencies.

This is a GREAT pep-talk about how to simplify your life by utilizing a budget.

Pictures from the Passionate Housewives Tea
OK, so I like to look at pretty things just for fun! Not EVERYTHING has to be educational, right? SOOOOoooo wish I could have been there.

Curriculum for National Parks
HOW COOL!! We LOVE going to National Parks! How great to have premade lessons to go with it!!! :)

Teaching Home Newsletters
I LOVED this magazine. I have several of their back issues. I thought they had gone away, but a lady from my homeschool support group just forwarded me this link! FREE ONLINE NEWSLETTERS!! This magazine is such a great encouragement!

What The Bible Says About Children

Fruit of the Spirit
a beginning collection of ideas for teaching children about the fruits of the Spirit

How To Make Compost
I don't get to read this wonderful blog as much anymore since she changed her feed read to partial instead of full and I miss her posts. But I got a chance to read a few today in catching up. This is a GREAT post!!

Feeling Funky?
A GREAT article for those who are in a "funk." Uses Scripture to refocus! WONDERFULL!!

Scripture Sleuth
A friend told me about these books. These are RIGHT up AA's alley. She LOVES mysteries (like Encyclopedia Brown). There is a sample chapter (each chapter is a mystery to solve and you have to look up scripture to solve it!), I am printing out right now for AA. I hope to get all 5 books in the series. These would be GREAT for car trips!!!

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