Friday, August 15, 2008

The Child Who Prays

We have always prayed with our children. Before every meal. Before bedtime. When we see an accident or hear a siren. When the children are scared or hurt. When we see a beautiful sunset. When we lose something. When God helps us find it. We pray.

And we do this with them from the moment they are conceived, through their birth, and throughout their life.

And in all this time, I have never seen my children pray at such an early age. Usually about 3 or so they will start praying. Once they have full sentences and can run a few of them together.

But JJ, our son, is praying right now. Even though he cannot speak. He will put his tiny little hands together, bow his head and pray. Without us asking him to. He repeats the words!! It is wonderful and truly amazing! Oh JJ, how I pray that you will ALWAYS be a man for God, on your knees.

Mommy: Father God
JJ: aher od
Mommy: we praise Your name
JJ: aise name
Mommy: thank you for this day
JJ: ank you iz ay
Mommy: bless this food
JJ: ess iz food
Mommy: Bring us health and strength
JJ: ng lth rngth
Mommy: in the name of Jesus we pray
JJ: Jezus e ray
Mommy: Amen
JJ: MEN!!!!!!!

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