Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spending Accountability - Apr 28

A group I am on is doing a spending accountability. These are my goals for the week:

*keep track of what I am spending. We use cash and sometimes I just spend spend spend because it is not all in the separate category envelopes.
*create a budget and STICK TO IT
*spend only what is budgeted and no more. Make do with what I have if I under estimated for the month and then readjust next pay period.
*before going shopping in any store (thrift, grocery, etc.) AND BEFORE GOING GARAGE SAILING! have a list of what items to buy OR a goal in mind. If something is not on the list OR does not fit within the goal, I must call husband before buying (and at that, I must decide if this is something I want enough to disturb my husband at work, something which he doesn't mind, but doesn't necessarily LIKE either). Thankfully hubby and I usually go sailing together so he helps keep me in check, and vice versa. :D
*reprint sticker and READ it before each purchase. (I will put a copy of the questions on the sticker on my blog)
*PRINT THIS OUT AND STICK somewhere where I can read it daily to remind myself of my goals.

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