Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fun Way To Warm Up on a Cold Day

So with the unexpected blizzard the other day, I finally got up the courage to do something I have always wanted to do. Bake bread with the kids. But not just any old bread. Bread that they made - and this was NOT your ordinary bread!!!

Of course we tied everything into homeschooling. Math - measuring, fractions, etc. Science - yeast interacts with sugar, baking, etc. Art - manipulating a medium.

It was a great way to warm up the house (oven on warming up and warming the house while the kids knead and shape the dough). And a great way to forget how bitterly COLD it was outside!

I wish I had taken pictures, but I could not find my camera, and they worked too hard not to eat them fresh out of the oven. We used a no rise dough recipe so they could eat it right after making and baking it.

AA made a six legged spider. Time for more homeschooling: spider have eight legs AND most have at least eight eyes AND on average every person will swallow eight spiders in their lifetime (cross my heart, and hope it doesn't happen to me I tell you the truth - just google it!).

EE made the cutest turtle. And MM made a huge hand which swelled up like it had been stung by a bee while it was cooking in the oven. Oh I wish I could have recorded the giggles there for you!!! Then all the girls helped to make snakes (which were the bread sticks we used for dinner). It was so much fun! And they baked so easily on cookie sheets and pizza stones!

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Sallie said...

that sounds like so much fun AND educational...