Monday, March 23, 2009

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Sample Week
Is anyone else LOVING the homeschooling ads on Facebook?? I saw this there. It is a FREE SAMPLE for a WEEK's worth of lessons for preschoolers and nature. It is SO CUTE! Of course it is for SEPTEMBER (long ways off), but still it is free and CUTE!

Chick Egg Cover Free Crochet Pattern (ravelry pattern link)
This is WAY cute!! I am so thankful this is a FREE pattern.

Spring Finger Puppets (ravelry pattern link)
WAY cute!!! AND FREE!! With it's own carrying case. WAY WAY CUTE!!!

Free Crochet Patterns
I had not seen this site before. Some good stuff!

Favorite Math Games for Young Children
GREAT list of games to play!! LOVE making learning fun!!! :D

Books and Boys
Do you have a young boy who is a reluctant reader? This is a Christian site by a Christian writer/producer who is/was a reluctant reader. He knows what boys want/need when it comes to reading and has written several books for boys.
Other links:
About The Author
Authors Reviews of Books for Boys

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the links... how cool. I am glad you sent me your new blog addy. Will be back often to visit.

Hope you have a great week. :)