Tuesday, March 3, 2009

HPV Vaccine is unsafe?

A lot of people were pushing for Gardasil, the vaccine for girls as young as age 9 to help prevent cervical cancer. But just as with all vaccines, there are serious side effects. (See video below)

What is frustrating is that the vaccines that infants get, that have the same type of side effects (ranging from autism, to seizures, to death) is overlooked! They do not make the connection because they do not want to make the connection. Doctors have been giving the vaccines for so long, that to even suggest that there might be a problem with vaccines would cause an uproar! Not to mention how many law suits would be filed in our sue-happy society (especially with finances being tight, people are even more desperate for money).

People are choosing the vaccine because they don't want their child to get the illness they are being vaccinated for. When in reality the likelihood of the child ever getting that disease is very low. And it is not just because of the vaccines. Hand washing and better hygiene play a HUGE role. In fact, as most doctors and "off the record" they will tell you that most vaccines have little to nothing to do with the prevention of the disease. In fact, several children actually get the disease from the vaccine itself. And look at the RISE in autism and SIDS since the wide spread acceptance of vaccinations! But of course no one wants to admit that more children die from vaccines than the actual disease they are trying to prevent. No one wants to comment on the number or children with autism or ADHD - just give them a pill every now and then, and everything will be OK.

It is NOT OK. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do the research! It is all there.

I know when my daughter and my nephew were born (within a few months of each other), we tried to warn my nephew's mother against the dangers associated with vaccines. We were attacked by her and her mother about how wrong we were and how careless we were being with our child's life. It wasn't until after several years after her child was diagnosed with autism that she said that I was right in not vaccinating our children.

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dianne - bunny trails said...

Jocelyn Dixon's mom, Jacque Dixon is a WONDERFUL resource for research on Gardasil. She had a couple of very extensive posts on it. It's a terrible thing and I already sent the information to those in my circle with young girls. I hope that they are NEVER vaccinated with that stuff!