Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In Our House... Learning and Growing

I have been working with AA to teach her that she needs to READ THE DIRECTIONS first. I need to find a copy of that sheet we ALL did in high school. You know the one where you are told to read the entire thing first, then answer the questions. The last thing on the sheet is to not do ANYTHING at all. Anyone know what I am talking about and WHERE I can find one?

I am also working on her reading the directions rather than trying to do it by herself and figure it out. I LOVE that she can do that, but sometimes, when she cannot, she ends up getting incredibly frustrated.

We are now with EE where we were with AA just a few months ago in handwriting. Perfection and the quest for it. I LOVE that my daughters want to do their best, but why they seek out perfection when they KNOW that only Jesus is perfect... it is just a MAJOR source of frustration for them. They truly believe their letter HAS TO HAS TO H_A_S T_O look JUST LIKE the one they are copying. I try to encourage them that they have their own individual handwriting. It will not look like the paper OR mine or Daddy's. They need to write their OWN "a". It doesn't have to have the little hook thing on top.

I have been reading a lot, as well as watching on you tube, about healthy eating. This is SO important. I am learning SO MUCH! I am really enjoying Underground Wellness (I am subscribed on iTunes to his podcasts as well), and Nourishing food blogs like Cheeseslave and Kelly The Kitchen Kop. I have also been enjoying books by Joel Salatin (he has a Facebook page! - he homeschools AND I am pretty sure he is a Christian).

I have also REALLY enjoyed reading through The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby with my beloved in bed in the evenings. MOST of it, he already knows. He has done a LOT of reading. :) But I have been learning a lot. And every once in a while, we will read something that he goes "Hmmm..." to, which translates as "that's pretty cool!" :D The book is written in VERY easy to understand terms (like a best friend talking to you on a photography walk). And don't think it is just for those who have digital SLR cameras! Those who have some control over their point and shoots will learn a lot too! And what is great is if I do not understand something, my beloved can explain it to me in "Paula" terms. :) I am learning so much and SO EXCITED about taking pictures! This is a wonderful hobby that my beloved took up and I have taken it up and now enjoy it as much as him.

A few things I am thankful for:
-A new desire to teach the children the word of God and get more "meat" in them.
-the poochy belly I have is disappearing!
(I am trying really hard to not list my kids or my beloved or things related to them!) :D

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