Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Total Health

I am always learning about new things dealing with our health. Herbal healing rather than traditional medicine (although I do believe traditional medicine does have it's place, I would much rather try to avoid it if possible). It all started with my father-in-law getting cancer and being told he would not live long. That led us to learn about the important role food plays in our diet. We have gone from vegetarian, to vegan, to 100% raw, to high raw, to where we are today. LOL!

After all we have learned, we try to eat a diet that has a lot of raw foods, low gluten, low sugar (especially refined sugar), no soy, no MSG or aspartame, grass-fed beef and eggs, fish, and limit the processed/refined foods.

So I am reading a book by Dr. Mercola called Total Health. Some notes, just for personal reference (I remember the what, not always the why, to know the why, you might look into checking the book out of the library like I is a good read!! :) ):

-limit grain intake, especially gluten
-no refined white sugar
-corn is a grain that is to be limited
-think of potatoes as a grain, they react in your body the same way
-no soy
-eat lots of veggies, raw if possible. veggies rich in color are better for you, limit root veggies and eat roots raw
-limit legumes
-avoid seedless fruits, they are higher in sugar than their seed-filled counterparts
-flax seeds are good, raw not heated. flax oil is not so good
-limit other seeds
-limit most nuts, walnuts are the exception
-do not use vegetable oils
-use coconut oil or olive oil. when using olive oil, use raw, do not heat as it easily hydrogenates when heated
-berries are great, especially blueberries
-go slow on the fruits, depending on metabolic type

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KeepItSimple said...

Hi Paula...

I'm searching for you post on hair care - but I'm reading my way!

We, too, try to eat a healthier diet than what I grew up with...however, I tell people it's not to live longer. My days have already been fashioned for me. I cannot add to them or subtract from them; however, I can, I believe, make the quality a bit better by how I treat my temple (which isn't the greatest - but I'm a work in progress!).

I also believe that how we choose to eat can and is a form of worship and for God's glory.

Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

Keep at it!
(from the PW list)