Monday, March 16, 2009

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Making Shades of of Mini Blinds
Can I just say how much I HATE MINIBLINDS! Maybe I need to create a FLAIR button for Facebook. LOL!! Anyways, This... THIS I LOVE! Has anyone tried this? I am curious on how to clean them (not that I ever cleaned the mini-blinds, but, hey, it is good to know how to, should I have the desire, not to mention TIME to). HT: Like Merchant Ships

Rebecca is always a fun read and today's was exceptionally encouraging! I must admit that I knew most of what she was saying, but there is just something ABOUT the WAY she says it that makes it so easy to understand and desire for your own children. Thank you Rebecca!

Fast Fresh Jam

Names Of Jesus Garland for EASTER!
Oh I just LOVE Monica - her sweet spirit (yes, I had the pleasure of meeting her IRL) and her love of Jesus overflows on every post! I loved her names of Jesus garland for Christmas, and now she has one for Easter. She explains the reason behind it. VERY powerful to use with the kids!

Why Do I Have Empty Ziploc Bags In My Freezer?
I never thought of keeping them in the freezer! :)

Reheating Foods Without a Microwave
We have not been using a microwave for about a month now and it is GREAT to have that kitchen counterspace back AND know that I am much healthier for it! :D

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thehomespunheart said...

Thanks for all the neat links! I hope some will make the Easter garland and enjoy focusing on Christ this season!