Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What We Are Working On: Lapbook for the Armor of God

We are working on Armor of God lapbooks. I LOVE LOVE LOVE lapbooks!! We are working all week on them. I got the FREE resources between two combined links:
Simply Lapbooks: Armor of God
Lapbooks In Progress: Armour of God
And here are a few I found on my own:
Bible Themes Armor of God
Armor of God Match
Armor of God Detailed Lessons
Collection of links to coloring pages and activities
Armor of God Index - GREAT stuff! LOVE DLTK!!
Armor of God Bookmarks - I am not LDS, but these bookmarks are AWESOME reminders!

The back of EE's folder. She did not decorate the front. It has the shield of faith (with the words "Armor of God" written on it:
The inside of EE's lapbook. She still has yet to answer the questions and do the activities:
The inside of EE's lapbook with the extra flap closed. I am MOST proud of her little doll she decorated with armor. She wrote the words "to mom" at the top, and did a most excellent job of decorating! It is the doll on right hand side.:

The inside of MM's lapbook with the extra flap open. Her little red pocket has each of the pieces of armor on a stick. (LOL at the thought of Armor on a stick!):
The inside of MM's lapbook with the extra flap closed:
The back of MM's lapbook - her sheild of faith:
The front of MM's lapbook.

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