Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Sweethearts: Give A Man A Hand

Sometimes our husband can be a real blessing to us and allow us "time off." A girl's night out...a woman's retreat...a run to the grocery store. :) And sometimes he has to watch the kids because you need to take one in for outpatient surgery (MM's doing GREAT by the way, thanks for your prayers).

I have learned one way to TRULY bless my beloved when he is watching the kids (and I am away) is to leave SOME sort of schedule for him, as well as a feeding plan for all the children (not just meals, but snack ideas too because are kids EVER full?!?). :D

I know that my beloved sometimes gets very focused on doing ONE thing and watching three or four kids without knowing some sort of schedule is a bit overwhelming for him. Even just a reminder to check the Acts of Service board (ours is a PEGS System) if the children need something to do.

Because my beloved is only really around them during the evening and weekends, he doesn't realize how much the children eat (usually 4-5 mini meals a day, that includes snacks), or that they need naps/quiet time. Letting him know certain times for those activities are helpful to him.

AA is at an age now where she can cook a few meals. So even just letting him know that at a certain time he can tell her to make ______ for lunch (there has to be a specific food there, otherwise AA will ask him if each little thing is OK to eat). :D I also ALWAYS have a bowl of fruit on the table and carrot sticks in the fridge. That way when the kids want a snack, he can say "grab a piece of fruit" or "eat some carrot sticks." He does not even have to think about it OR prepare it for them.

It truly helps him to not have to worry about what to feed the kids, and it also helps him to remember that they have a quiet time (which gives HIM a quiet time and allows him to have some peace). :D

So while this was not very romantic, I guarantee that helping him to car for the kids while you are away is a wonderful way to keep the romance alive. :D

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Leila said...

One time I came home in the late afternoon and asked my husband how things had gone. "Fine, but they got crabby."
"What did you have for lunch?"

Yes, I think a detailed schedule is a must! :)