Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why Did They Take That Page Down - how to find it again...

I was talking to Jennifer (Hi Jen!) at our local homeschool History/Science/Arts and Crafts fair, and she mentioned that her daughter was trying to get information off the web, but that a site was gone.

Whenever you come across a link for a site, and it is no longer there because the page has been removed, there is a VERY good chance that you can still see the site! Take the URL for the page you want to see and goto:

There is a box there called THE WAY BACK MACHINE
Enter the URL there inside the box.

MOST pages are archived and captured in the way back machine. It will show you different dates and you can see how the pages looked at different dates.

I will warn you that most of the time, the pictures are not captured (especially if they are hosted on a different site like Flickr), and neither are most PDF files.

This works for most all pages (personal pages with that crochet pattern you have been looking for, business pages that had an article you were really hoping to read, etc.). There are a few sites that have blocked archiving, but those are few and far betwee,

So next time you try to follow a link somewhere, and it leads no where, try The Way Back Machine!

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