Thursday, March 26, 2009


Something that I realized we needed to work on this week. So we are continuing on with our Joyful Steward Student Planners, which the girls are loving!

I took a peak at the one for older girls...LOVE IT! Once we get this one going, I am going to do the older girl's one (it comes in the kit) which has space for a life skill to practice. I LOVE this! I am also going to revamp it to do a 26 week one where we go through the book TEACH THEM TO YOUR CHILDREN. If you do not have this book, IT IS A MUST! So the Bible verse at the top will be the top, and the copywork will be the verse and the poem that goes with it. I want to do a lapbook of the book too (not sure I am that ambitious yet). :D

So back to diligence...(maybe our next character trait is STAYING FOCUSED LOL!!!)

Our character trait for the week is diligence. So we are doing a diligence lapbook (click here for FREE lapbook ideas for diligence and other character traits), You can actually find you tube videos on diligence lapbooks! :D

Does anyone else remember the Disney 1934 short The Grasshopper and the Ant??
The Tortoise and The Hare is another good short to help teach diligence.

I could not find a mini book with the story The Ant and the Grasshopper, so I made my own.

All I ask is that you PLEASE do NOT sell it or change it in anyway. And please do not put a copy on your site. Please direct others HERE to get their own copy. By clicking on the link to download, you are agreeing to the above terms (no modifying, no selling, directing people to my site to get it rather than putting a copy on your site or in your files). Thank you.

Click on the image below. It will take you to a full size image which can be saved to your hard drive or printed out.

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