Thursday, March 12, 2009

Working Willingly With My Hands

It is amazing how powerful, though short, Meredith's posts can be.

In playing catch up in reading her bog, I came across this post which really inspired me!!!

I too rather gather from afar (i.e. the thrift store) than work willingly with my hands. And how much do I gather!! LOL!! My house is FULL of stuff I bought JUST because it was a great bargain!

My beloved recently mentioned to me that it shows him great disrespect when I am so careless with our money. He had to work so many hours for whatever that object is. And when I buy it for no reason, OR when I buy it and it does not get used, it is showing him that I do not respect him OR his time because time equals money equals that cheap whatever I bought and wasted money on.

He also said the same is true even if I use it. If I am not caring for it, or making sure the KIDS care for it (be it furniture, clothes, DVD's, whatever), then again, it shows a disrespect for him and his time.

So I really want to working on USING WHAT I HAVE rather than always running out and buying something. Maybe even staying away from thrift stores all together unless something is NEEDED. Then looking for THAT thing, and not tempting myself to buy something because of the great price. I use the same principle to save money on furniture. Rather than going out and buying new furniture or things to decorate the place, I simply rearrange the furniture. A whole new look, and it cost me NOTHING! Plus it makes me feel GOOD using my creative side to rearrange the room. :)

And I am working on getting rid of those things which I wasted money on. Hopefully I can barter or sell them. Beloved feels even more disrespected when I bought something, and then it just gets donated right back.

And I think with less stuff, it will be easier to see and care for (and respect) those things which we DO have.

Now, after all this seriousness, but still on topic, read this for a laugh.

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dianne - bunny trails said...

Excellent post, Paula! I remember a time when I figured out what hubby made per hour. Then if I spent a certain amount of money, I could determine how long he had to work for that. Sadly, I've long forgotten that perspective. Obviously, it's one God's bringing back to my attention. I've not managed things on the financial end as well as I ought.

Thank you for this precious reminder. :-)