Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hospitality and Health

I love the fact the my daughters are learning about healthy eating NOW, before bad habits are formed.

I know that a lot of kids their age that are their friends think my children are deprived. They feel bad for my children. In fact one of my friends threatens to send her kids to my house to eat if they will not behave!

Of course my kids get their treats, but for the most part, their taste buds are not acclimated towards bad food. And my kids KNOW what is bad for them ("that has MSG in it, no thank you!"). My kids see how bad eating habits affect your health when you are older, and they do not want that.

EE gets migraines when she has gluten. She has now said that she does not want to eat any gluten. AA has said no soy, MSG, aspartame, gluten and little dairy (she gets horrible ear aches with dairy). MM of course wants as much sugar as she can get LOL! We are still working on her. :)

I really am proud of them for realizing so early and not having to fight addictions (yes, gluten and sugar are just as if not more-so addicting than nicotine) as well as cravings and mindsets. I am sad that some how my children equate parties with food. That has sadly become an American mindset. There has to be food (even if it is finger foods) in order for it to be a party. That chip commercial comes to mind where there are two parties. One, where everyone is able to eat the chips and the party is a GREAT hit. The other party, each person only gets like two chips. They talk about how boring the party is and they end up fighting over crumbs found on the floor.

HOW SAD! Why does hospitality have to be associated with food? Why can't a party be about fellowship and edification and if it is missing praise to God then it is a bad party? What is hospitality anyway?

1828 Webster's Dictionary defines it as such:
The act or practice of receiving and entertaining strangers or guests without reward, or with kind and generous liberality.

There is nothing in there about food (although to be fair, if you look up the definition of entertaining it has the word provisions, and that word talks about food, but not just as an entertainment but more as nourishment, as in someone in need of food).

How to have a party without food? I know that my girls LOVE to decorate and make others feel welcome. Maybe just in showing others how special they are by taking the time to make something special for them: the decorations, maybe a little note that says welcome, a small token of appreciation for them to take home with them. Maybe while at the party, they are taught something (like how to make a tawashi, or make a small purse, or even partake in a quilting bee!). That way they partake in something, and is able to take something home with them (even if it is just a new learned skill).

What are your suggestions for showing hospitality without it being about the food?

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