Thursday, February 19, 2009

Photo Gifts

OK, so these would be SO GREAT for Mother's Day or Father's Day or Grandparent's Day or Christmas ... Well you get the idea. Trust me, follow the links for some GREAT ideas on how to use pictures you take for AWESOME gifts!

Photo Tile Coasters
I.D. Badge Holder Mini Album I LOVE this idea!! GREAT little brag books for grandparents!
Mini I.D. Badge Calendar
Christmas Ornament Tins
Magnet Tins
Photo Puzzle Cube I recently posted about finding great tutorials (at the bottom of this link), you can also google and find out ways to make this even better quality! :)
Photo Mobile
Photo Magnets these are NICE and SOOOO cute!
Photo Necklace oh my goodness this is SUCH a great idea and SO inexpensive! And it looks SO GOOD!
Altoids Tin Accordion Gift Album LOVE this! You can also do scrapbook pages instead of just pictures!

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